Friday, 3 September 2010

Maps, what a brilliant new concept.

Hey, there are these amazing new paper things, they are called maps, and I've just looked at one. They could be really useful if you are planning a journey, so all you potential adventurers, see if any radical new thinker is selling maps of where you want to go.
Actually I knew I wanted to do the Kennet and Avon canal, and I thought Glastonbury would be cool, but I think my pink crocs were just too alternative, so to where I am was pretty much preplanned, and in roughly the right direction, but from Thatcham, my base camp, to the summit, Rotten Row, Hyde Park, was a bit I hadn't really looked at.
So any suggestions. I was going to go Reading, Thames path, Eton Slough, Grand Union to Regents Park and through a bit of traffic at the end.
But I've been to Eton and didn't much like it so I'm looking for alternatives. Straight across to Bracknell and through all the green bits looks attractive, though I suspect a wheelchair enabled, one man (wearing pink crocs) pony drawn vehicle, is going to go down like a lead balloon in all those smart parks, and I can't see the bunch in the big house at the end of Windsor Great Park giving me a great big cheer, given the Patrons of the British Horse Society, British Driving Society, Riding for the Disabled, Pony Club, World Horse Welfare, and the rest of my adoring fan club, all live there.
 So any ideas, anyone fancy coming for a walk on the wild side?
PS Is Rotten Row in Hyde Park, or am I going to have to check that on a map as well?

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