Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Forced incest

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Forced incest

Incest is not an easy topic to write about. When discussing most sports which involve children, incest isn't anywhere on the agenda. Nor is cannibalism, ritual sacrifice.... loads of topics just don't get mentioned because they have no possible bearing on the sport concerned.

But incest is an integral part of Equestrian activities. The weird world of horsebreeding still discusses the virtues and benefits of mating father to daughter, mother to son, brother and sister. In the pursuit of breed purity, they will force horses to mate on lines that are illegal in every jurisdiction in the world, that are offensive to every religious group in the world,and that go against the natural behaviour of the animals concerned.

Horses avoid incest as carefully as we do. The incest taboo operates across the animal kingdom which makes it truly sick to force an animal to mate with it's daughter. To then boast about it is extraordinary. Should organisations with such very strange beliefs be allowed to work with children.

Breed organisations aren't just riddled with illegal and offensive sexual practices, the reasons they encourage such revolting practices are just as nasty. Breed purity, aristocratic bloodlines, separation of groups on the basis of appearance, an obsession with colour, hair type, facial shape........... does it ring a bell.

Racism, combined with snobbery, based on incest. Not a pretty mix. and the results aren't good animals. Yes the best of breed look pretty flashy, but the ever increasing numbers of congenital abnormalities and the ever increasing number of foals with those congenital abnormalities is a frightening cost to pay, for what is at best, snobbery and racism.

Horses are Equus caballus. Ponies are equus caballus. The progeny of any pony or horse and any other pony or horse, is Equus caballus. The same is true with Homo sapiens. The progeny is Homo sapiens. The parents may differ in skin colour, or blood group, or height or body mass index, or all of them, or none of them, and the child will be Homo sapiens.

Equus caballus produces equus caballus. Yet children are taught about the breeds, and how to identify them, by their colour, or by the way their hair grows, or the shape of the eye. And they are taught that incest is worth while if it produces these marvellous animals that are well bred.

This is the most absurd concept. Do the hereditary peers in the House of lords provide videos to show how well they were bred. It might enliven proceedings. Does well bred really mean that you have forced a father to mate with his daughter. Do we want people with these beliefs anywhere near our children, or our animals.

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