Thursday, 30 September 2010

British Driving Society moronic comment

Christopher Berry
Ide have a guess that it was you? Driving ponies/horses are in the main cool calm and collected. There are some that are a little more exciting. This is to do with the nature of the beast that we drive. Ideas about harness types, vehicle co...nfigurations etc are all reliant on understanding not only by the horse but also by the driver. I am a country smallholding reader and have read with interest the articles about the saddle chariott which I understand is one of your designs. You claim that any pony/horse will drive in the saddle chariott within two hours! You claim that the pony need not be broken to harness! Or at least that is my understanding of your claim? I think that you are incorrect with these statements as the horse must first understand what is going on behind him. As we have recently proved, not all horses allow something behind them. The saddle chariott is something that you stand on, probably the most unstable position to drive from! on two wheels? Not only can the horse kick your teath out before you can release the release cord, but he can also put you off ballance, and if you go forwards? God help you???? I hate to think about it! I drive to what I consider a good standard having been well taught, so think I understand the way that driving ponies work. I dont understand how you can market something like this, with a web site like which indicates that 'this is the way it is done NATURALLY'. What by the horse or the driver? It's certainly the naturall way to loose your teath if thats any good! Give it up before you kill somebody.
The RDA do an amazing job under the conditions and restrictions that are imposed on them. If you can do better, get on with it and stop bloody moaning about it!
just putting this up to kleep track of the insults.

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