Thursday, 9 September 2010

The end is in sight.

London is pretty stressful, add a pony who doesn't madly enjoy heavy traffic, and the suspicion that fighting the establishment isn't the most sensible policy, and today has not been one of my better days. But I have met some really great people who more than cancel out the horrors you meet. Marble Hill House, English Heritage win prizes for sheer unnecessary jobsworthyness. The creep up Richmond Hill with the 10 plate Maserati is going to need some bodywork done if he drives it any closer to the next poor sod with a pony.
OK I had probably delayed him by seventeen, maybe eighteen seconds, and I am sure his time is money, i would rather deal with people for whom time is to be lived, not bought and sold. And I met a number of them today, builders, policemen, children, adults, who enjoy ponies and appreciate them.
That is what this trip is about. Allowing ponies to bring pleasure to those with restricted mobility. If I can't get the horse establishment to look at the bannedwaggon, I need to get other people to look at it. If driving  a vehicle I invented, in a harness I invented, with a pony I trained, by a system I invented, down Rotten Row in Hyde Park, whipless, bitless, barefoot, in a wheelchair, on my own, having driven the rig from Exeter to London, doesn't deserve at least to be looked at, this country is a sorry place.
But it isn't just me who will suffer, it will slam another door in the face of the disabled to whom I offer mobility, freedom and fun. I realise that keeping horsemanship traditional and elitist is much more important than the rights of the disabled, and expect to get slammed when I get to Hyde Park, which all being well will be noon tomorrow.
If that doesn't get a response I will just have to drive to the House of Commons, and then I suppose give up. But I will have done something memorable. That it is pointless is beyond my control, I have done all i can...

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