Thursday, 9 February 2012

Please go to , Simon's new website covering the saddlechariot/iBex and it's uses. This is where you will also find links to all his articles on training, safety, vehicle design and even the weird stuff on cooking and politics.
His new contact details are
and his phone number is +44 7510 736 518

Hi there, Obama speaking.

I thought I ought to make it clear that the assumption people are in charge in pony/human relationships is an error.

Therefore when sense is being talked it is probably me talking. Simon waffles on endlessly about his bloody iBex, and currently has an absolute fetish about getting me into the sea, and generally behaves in a remarkably human way, ie irrational.
I am trying to discuss the impact of Black Beauty from one of the same species as the author. Therefore any stuff here on the blog about Black Beauty is by me. Simon's latest stuff, not complete nonsense, can be found here. And here's another bloody picture of me in an environment which obviously lacks even the basic essentials. There isn't any bloody grass Simon, can't you understand.

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