Friday, 2 December 2011

Tesco Whips Update.

No response from Tesco, about their heavy duty crops, but I have been approached on Google Plus with a request to join my circles by a firm who say their company was "was founded by horse lovers for horse lovers. Horses have been in our families for several generations, and our passion for these gentle and noble animals only grows with the passage of time."

Which presumably explains why they sell whips and advertise child's hammer head spurs. Apparently " Lots of people love these spurs because they are angled so they don't squash your foot when you wear them. Stainless steel. Size: Childs 1/2" Neck."

Well on that basis I'm off to get some. I spend the long winter evenings worrying that my foot might  get squashed by the spur when I kick a pony in the ribs with the nice hammer headed metal tip. At last I can kick the pony in the ribs with absolutely no risk of hurting myself, and even more important I can teach children to do the same thing. With health and safety regulations you wouldn't want to be sued because some kid had hurt his foot putting a metal tipped boot into his pony's ribs.

Yes, like the owners of the firm, I share a passion for these gentle and noble animals,
hang on, that last sentence seems just slightly stupid. Gentle, noble animals........... sell metal spikes so kids can kick them in the ribs safely,....... sell an enormous variety of whips none of which will squash your hand, stuff the pony, your hand will be all right..........something just a little bit out of whack here.

I'll think about this and update you tomorrow.

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