Friday, 14 October 2011

Whips, soft gentle things used for gently stroking racehorses.

Trying to persuade the public that horses need to be hit is back in the news. And it is worth reading not just the article but the comments by readers. One quote is a classic

Moreover, the modern whip is so light and cushy that it is painless for the horse - and indeed it is just as much used in being shown to the horse as it is in hitting its quarters.
Of course the reason for showing it to the horse is that the modern race whip looks remarkably similar to the  Race Exercise Whip.

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Race Exercise Whip
Race Exercise Whip
The Tuff Whip is a very well priced race exercise whip. These are supplied to us by the same people who supply our official race riding whips.

Price: £ 17.99

Of course if you used one of these little beauties on the race track, you would be banned, but when you are at home, out of sight of all the whingeing do gooders you can use one of these to teach the horse what a real whip feels like. Then, when you show it the race whip, it expects the same degree of blinding pain that being hit with plastic, not foam, plastic wrapped glassfibre, generates.
If I hit you regularly with nice heavy weight brass knuckles, on social occasions I will only have to put my hand into my pocket to persuade you to say, "Yes Sir" Of course I wouldn't dream of using brass knuckles in public. What a disgusting idea, and if you were to suggest I did such a thing, it would be libel.
Horses die more often in races after whipping. It is about the only known result that whips produce. If nobody carried a whip, what would be unfair?
Unfortunately I know the answer to that one. Some horses like to race, some horses need to be "persuaded". Some very rich and very influential people own horses that without persuasion, are dogmeat, but with persuasion, are worth millions. I am afraid banning the whip would be grossly unfair to some very rich and very influential people, so the horses will just have to carry on suffering. It's only fair.                

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