Thursday, 19 August 2010

We are on the road, first night Uplowman, brilliant, bed, bath, civilisation, next night Wellington, next to muck heap, but Nick Sanders popped in for a cuppa the next morning, as Brecon based lunatics do. Tonight made it through Taunton and along canal to really friendly farm. Knackered, stiff, soggy. But Lee, Obama and Tiki handling it brilliantly. I am contemplating a straightjacket. But whether it is for me, or the rest of civilisation is a moot point.
The bannedwaggon works. Driving round in a wheelchair is easy after hauling all the camping gear and a spare vehicle through the sort of route we have taken. Driving down Rotten Row, solo, in a wheelchair is what this trip is about, the bits that aren't about raising awareness of Bookcycle.
Badly need to crash but look at the pics.

To see some of my marginally more organised rants, try these links. If all else fails, try hitting them with whips. It works with horses, doesn't it?

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