Monday, 30 August 2010

Bannedwaggon reaches Base Camp.

We have reached base camp for the final assault on the Big City. Well while technically true, we have reached base camp and  promptly sugared off into the distance. Lee is back in Exeter, and I did a quick loop by train back to Exeter, picked up the van and trailer, picked up the stuff  I left at Adele's at the end of day one, steamed over to Thatcham where Obama was guzzling at Esther and Pete's place. Loaded the Bannedwaggon into the van, Obama into the trailer and head for Mark and Lorraine's where Tiki and the Mark 10 Saddlechariot were waiting, just outside Wooton Basset. Jammed that lot in and headed for Nick Sanders in Brecon.
This may seem mildly eccentric since I am going to restart from Thatcham in about seven days time, but I needed to see Nick about some stuff, Tiki needs to get back to Tim and Dot etc, I needed somewhere to finish putting Tiki in the Saddlechariot, and Nick's place is perfect, I want to drive thru Birmingham in the Bannedwaggon on Friday to show it to Beau and the crew at Balsall Heath City Farm, and then get out to a serious biker's bash with Ryan's Ryde on Saturday. Then it's easy to zip down to Thatcham, hook Obama to Bannedwaggon and drive into Hyde Park, drive a wheelchair enabled vehicle solo down Rotten Row, then work out how to get back to pick up van and trailer, pick up all my gear and Obama to get him back to West Town Farm, Ide, Exeter for their open day on the 12th, and then on to Lee and Sam's barbecue later the same day.
But the reason for the stop was equipment failure. My left hand was ballooning, right arm following suit, neither foot is a pretty sight and I had been driving the Bannedwaggon into things for the last day at least, and Obama wasn't enjoying it. I could have coped with the hands and feet, but it was clear that 11 straight days of high stress travel, had stuffed my brain. I know this is hard to believe because it requires accepting I had a functioning brain when I started, but if we can accept that the brain was working when I started. it wasn't by Hungerford.
Today I am re sorting my stuff, redesigning the Bannedwaggon ( a couple of minor niggles, the vehicle is so brilliant it surprises even me), sorting out Tiki's fears, letting Obama chill out, and trying to catch up with this blog. Left hand is beginning to shrink back to hand shape and allows one finger typing. Since my typing has always been on a random finger basis this isn't as much of a limitation as you would expect. So this is to say I am back blogging.
Who can tell what the next installment will reveal, I haven't a clue.

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