Sunday, 4 September 2011

Saddlechariot update.

I have been concentrating on the iBex of late, mostly because it amuses me, but also so that everyone who wants, can enjoy the feeling of exploring.

To keep an eye on my latest activities this link should get you to what I am doing. Since I tend to use Blogger as a website more than a blog, it is worth using the tabs at the top of the page.

I have also been mucking around with training ideas, mostly based on not using force, and on a pretty random sequence of rewards. The randomness is because I can't concentrate on anything for very long, so I tend to forget whatever system I start the day with, and have to invent a new one to finish the day.
Luckily Obama, like all ponies, is quite capable of working out what the moronic human actually wants. That doesn't mean I get it, just that Obama is well aware what I want.

My system is mostly based on belief that ponies work better if there is a purpose. So I originally trained Obama to take me and my Saddlechariot from Brecon to Birmingham.
Why? I hear you cry. Because I wanted to go to Birmingham, I would have thought that was obvious.
To achieve this Obama had to get used to roads, fields, canals, industrial estates, cows (terrifying) and anything else we might meet en route. The system is simple. I walk in front of him towards anything that frightens him. This is called leadership. It can only be done from in front. If I go first, Obama knows that whatever threatens him, will eat me first, which gives Obama time to run.
Now we can go most places, and we can take wheelchairs most places. I am trying to increase the places that the iBex can go. Some serious work on Dartmoor is called for.

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