Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Simon Mulholland is back!

Please go to http://ponyaccess.com/ , my new website covering the saddlechariot/iBex and it's uses. This is where you will also find links to all my articles on training, safety, vehicle design and even the weird stuff on cooking and politics.
My new contact details are ponyaccess@gmail.com
and my phone number is +44 7510 736 518

Whether you consider this good news is another matter.
The Saddlechariot is available from Nick Sanders at www.naturaldriving.co.uk or google rowanoak and saddlechariot. The past history of the saddlechariot is my problem and I can be contacted via simon@saddlechariot.com.
For anyone interested in the philosophy of design, invention, training etc. I am probably worth talking to.

This is really to announce that I will be back in a few days blogging on 2009 and what I have learned, pictures and updates on a really radical new vehicle, a new pony training system and its relevance to carbon neutral agriculture, transport, fun etc.

I will probably annoy a whole new group of people, but we will all have to learn to live with it.

The next posts are going to be about spending a year with Obama, what I have learned, what I have thought about, and what I am going to do about it.

You have been warned.

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Killi said...

Me again ~ I should have paid Nick enough come mid-July to have my very own saddlechariot & now I find you have a new vehicle! Nick is wonderfully allowing me to pay him each week so HE has the money & I can't waste it on necessary things like food, fuel :). I can hardly wait for it. Rawnie Spangle had her filly foal last May & her next foal is due May/June. Whilst she is fully trained for driving, I'll have to take things slowly to train my giant puppy to "drive" with me.