Monday, 22 December 2008

The Future of the Saddlechariot.

To anyone interested in the saddlechariot and its future, which is looking good.

For me this is a sad moment as I bow out of the Saddlechariot project. I am doing it to keep the Saddlechariot project viable for all my customers and suppliers, and all those who have believed in the idea of a safe horse drawn vehicle.

As of the New Year,2009, I have no financial connection with, or control over, Saddlechariots. My wife and children retain a financial interest but no control. In part I have done this as I have heard frequent claims that the reason people won't look at the Saddlechariot is because I am arrogant........ I am. But I have built a safe horsedrawn vehicle. Since I am no longer part of the Saddlechariot project, my arrogance is no longer relevant.

The company is financially viable, and will be run by my nephew, Charles Mulholland, who has helped me over the past few years with development and construction issues. He has had no part in any statements I may have made about the saddlechariot, I will leave him to make his own. Charles also has no responsibility for any financial decisions, or any other decisions made before January 2009.

I am making it absolutely clear that Charles has no involvement in the past. If anyone thinks that he or the company, when no longer under my control or ownership, are legitimate targets for those who dislike me, I would make it clear that to attack someone for the actions of another is both illegal and immoral. I hope those who have attacked me and the saddlechariot in the past, and refused to look at my work, will not continue their vendetta against the innocent.

On a lighter note I would like to thank all my 100 plus customers, and to point out that although I am now well on the wrong side of the credit crunch, I freely acknowledge I owe them a massive debt and will continue to support and help them in any way I can.

As always, anyone is welcome to see the Saddlechariot. In eight years I never refused the chance to demonstrate the Saddlechariot, (except once, the individual concerned chose to attack me through my children, before claiming to be prepared to give the saddlechariot an honest assessment. Not surprisingly I had no enthusiasm for any contact with someone so morally reprehensible.)

I will continue to work in the horse world, and am happy to demonstrate my rather eccentric skills with horses and saddlechariots. I will also continue with my work to bring ponies back into useful life, especially in inner cities. This may well involve Saddlechariots until someone invents a better safer system. I will also continue to develop the wheelchair friendly version of the Saddlechariot. As this is a bolt on goody to the existing saddlechariot, ie an aftermarket conversion, I can do this independently of the saddlechariot company, or with them if they like my ideas.

I will not stop being me, a bloody minded individual who believes he can make things better and who enjoys writing about and mucking around with ponies. If you have a market for over the top writing, I might be your man. If you want to see what ponies can do, ditto.

If you want to contact me, I remain and and 07928 785220. All my blogs and websites are remaining with me, though they will have links to the company for those who wish to buy a Saddlechariot. I am retaining the websites because I wrote them, and I meant (almost) every word I said. Occasionally I wasn't offensive enough. Charles and the future of Saddlechariots are not responsible for what I said. I am, and I will keep my websites up there in cyberspace so nobody can claim I am hiding anything.

It only remains to thank all those who helped me over the eight years the saddlechariot has been going, my suppliers, my customers, my friends and family. Despite everything, I still think the Saddlechariot is worth it. Without my abrasive character, it can go anywhere, and I wish it the very best of luck. I will of course do anything in my power to make the Saddlechariot succeed. Why wouldn't I?



Killi said...

I still desparately want 1 of these ~ I've opened an account to save up for one & as soon as I've saved enough (2-3 years time :( )I WILL be ordering it. I like your outspokenness.

Kim USA said...

Hi..I was thrilled to find a chariot with a emergency rip cord!! I am disabled-but can walk still- and my small horse is unused since I can no longer ride. MY horse is well trained and calm..but any horse can spook and flip a Im too afraid to do that. Then I saw saddlechariot/rip cord...Perfect!!! Just knowing its there gives me the courage I need to get me & my pony together again. Nothing else like this exists. Thank you so much for braving the hateful,ignorant people put there, who only exist to tear other people down. There is a difference between acting and reacting. If they didn't like your reaction, then they should have made constructive critism vs personal hateful attacks. Keep focused on all the people out here with good character that applaud your effort to make things better for people/ponies. Please give me Charles website so I can buy one. I'll have a very happy pony!!!