Monday, 6 October 2008

I've had a few beers and a pizza.

Very odd, I wrote the title, then left it for a bit and in the meantime decided not to drink alcohol. In part because if you are going to piss off the British Equestrian Establishment by pointing out that they are the most massively institutionally racist organisation in the world, you'ld damn well better be sober when they attack you.
So I'm not drinking, and surprisingly it doesn't really bug me, no mad cravings, no massive fights with my conscience and I've left a few lagers chilling in the fridge just to see if they are going to worry me.
I find it very puzzling, I gave up smoking from a healthy 60+ a day habit some 8 years ago now and I'm still waiting for the withdrawal symptoms and with alcohol, no twitching so far, yet my life is happily falling to bits around me, the question of whether I need psychiatric help is still open and I have given up a serious alcohol consumption level without problems.
Of course the getting you off your addiction industry love to make it sound really tough, so you need their services, and maybe I will one day, but for now, I think a cup of tea, or a tomato juice is the answer.

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