Monday, 30 June 2008

practical philosophical old web page

The Saddlechariot is just a safe, simple, fun pony or horse drawn vehicle, invented because my mother gave Henry to my daughters. Henry is a small pony (10.1hh) and I am a large (17 stone) man. I couldn't find a cheap safe vehicle so I decided to build my own. A fatal mistake.

This site divides into Practical and Philosophical. The Practical side deals with how the vehicle works, construction methods, and most importantly SAFETY.

The Philosophical side deals with the reasons the British Horse Establishment hate what I am doing and have spent 8 years trying to destroy my business.
The topics are arranged on the left with the Practical at the top. Clicking on most photos takes you to my Picasa albums where there are tons more pics.

Any questions, just e.mail or
phone me on +44 (0)191 645 3160
If you want to find out why the establishment hate me, ask them. They have never spoken to me in 8 years and now, won't even answer recorded delivery letters.

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